Welcome to the Deathwatcher campaign!

The avengers of the Dwarven mines separate in pursuit of their personal goals. After 6 months, they all meet mysteriously at the Redsong Tavern. Unbeknown to them, there are forces at work with horrible intentions. They are in search of some artifacts that could either give one powers beyond their wildest dreams, or turn the world as we know it into a horrifying M.C. Escher or post blind Monet painting… or I guess the world could just be destroyed… I guess…..

This campaign revolves around a large group of characters,

Tarb(Badger) Played by Taylor Anderson- The eccentric knowledge seeking Gnome Wizard whos Jazz hands never fail to lighten the mood. He is accompanied by his hormonally imbalanced owl, The Game

Hazor Organa, Played by Josh Ghul- The Half Elven Cleric who deals in the ways of death. His prouder moments consist of; weilding Enormous Dwarven Battle Axes with a single hand, osmosing his targets through the walls with his x3 criticals, and the astoundingly ineffective attempt to throw flaming furs onto a gelatinous cube

Korsic, Played by Seth Ruffu- the loveably hilarious Ranger with a mean streak for badassery who often refuses to obey the laws of nature(‘cause thats just how he rolls). hes an action hero and he knows it, so all you drunks beware!

Octerial, played by Joshua Taylor- The elven Druidess formerly accompanied by the late Meow Mix who has the remarkable ability to jam fistfulls of goodberrys down her allies throats. This suggests a former profession as a postal worker or Dominatrix

Grib, played currently by David Drahiem- the frighteningly adorably Rage filled Half-Orc Barbarian. It is said when he screams his battlecry, he can kill a kitten a mile away (this however isn’t how meow mix died. He was hurled at a displacer beast by his loving master, octerial.) Girb has a small magic carpet he often refers to as a friend and loves nature, animals and long walks on the beach. Unfortunately hes still looking for the one…

Ganodell, played by David Draheim- Dwarven Fighter. Little is known of his origin… (in progress)

Fufuu played by Emily Schindler- Fufu is a small Halfling Rogue. Her origin is wrapt in shadows.

? played by Jessica McAnelly- Elven Bard. She doesn’t exist yet….

  • THE DM** played by Bryce Hattensty

I can edit this o_0… <(O_O)> Kirby approves of this campaign!

The Deathwatchers Relics

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