The Deathwatchers Relics

your friendly neighborhood spider bitch

spider cave

So our brave adventurers ….. yeah those guys. basicly this is what happened, cause im sitting on the toilet and writing and wanna be done with it. everyone met in a bar after 6 months apart. then O NO! some spiders drag some chick down a hole… oops. then over 9000 adventurers go into a hole and it turns out to be spider girls house. dang. so many spiders everywhere….

they end up being cornered by a horde of spiders but collapse the cave behind them. +3 pts for intelligence…

oh and you guys are gonna get a lot of xp. SORRY OK???

they found the spider queen. she was naked. it was pretty sweet. they fought her 2 poisoned bastard swords. they won. but it was hard. it was.

then in teh neck of tiiieeemm….. they are saved by the lazy militia… assholes.

seriously….. just wait till hte boat part. you will come buckets.



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