The Deathwatchers Relics

The Beginning

The Spiders like booze too...

Upon the arrival of the cast, the adventurers got right to the akward conversation of where have you beens why has you ben there and i can has cheezburger? They order up a round as a old drunk tells a story of a dungeon and a dragon (hmmmmmm), a bard plays his ocarina in the corner, and some other drunk punks start in with the sexual harrasment.

Korsic doesnt stand for this and starts Fuckin Shit Up with a good old fashioned bar room brawl! HELL YEAH!

then the barmaid is dragged into the basement by….. SPIDERS (Josh shudders)!! LOLWUT? YR ther spidrs hre? wtf? Badger rushes down only to be bitten by one and carried off… THE FIGHT STARTS! (oh and Korsic gets punched down the stairs by a drunk) -to be continued



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